Our Farm

Providing jobs for ex-offenders while resolving food deserts.

Strength to Love farms is a community based urban farm that provides hands-on agricultural training and jobs opportunities for ex-offenders and returning citizens, while also addressing the issue of food deserts. It has successfully transformed vacant land into an operational farm, growing organic produce for local consumption. Located in Baltimore's Sandtown-Winchester community, S2Lfarms uses environmentally sustainable methods to grow its high quality produce. We offer fresh, nutritious, great tasting produce at competitive prices to diverse retail, restaurant, institutional, and individual customers. S2LFarms is a visible symbol of transformation in our community.

Check out our produce at one of the many farmer's markets we sell at!

Strength to Love 2 farm's urban hoop house. Oakwood University volunteers helping us farm.

Our urban hoop house facilities are located in the heart of Baltimore, providing our customers with a year-round supply of fresh, high quality organic produce.

We have a fully functioning urban farm with beehives.

All of our produce is grown using the following:

  • 16 Hoop houses
  • Garage and trailer
  • 96,000 sq./ft. of growing space
  • Washing stations
  • 1.5 acre plot of land
  • Large walk-in freezer for storage
  • Bee hive and enclosure
  • Overhead irrigation
  • 100% organic compost