Advocating for restorative systems of correction and reentry

Collectively, during our various terms of incarceration, we have:

  • Been isolated from family, unable to maintain or restore supportive relationships
  • Wanted and only sometimes received educational resources
  • Experienced solitary confinement
  • Experienced confinement with unstable cellmates
  • Been sexually victimized by prison employees
  • Experienced the loss of dignity and hope.

We are ready to be part of the solution. We know all citizens share responsibility for the incarceration methods used in our country, and all benefit from successful re-entry. We want a system that strives for success: lower recidivism rates, not higher financial profits; creative means of preparation, not creative means of punishment; true corrections that build up, not tear down. So we have chosen to become shareholders in the prison industry by purchasing stock in Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison institution in the United States, which manages 60 facilities and more than 80,000 beds. We will lift our voices on behalf of ourselves and others who have been deeply impacted by the privatization and industrialization of prisons.