What We Do

Strength to Love II is a community based program in west Baltimore’s Sandtown- Winchester community that uses a 1.5 acre farm to offer employment to citizens returning to the community from incarceration. The farm also helps to address the food desert issue in and surrounding our neighborhood. As a program of the nonprofit Intersection of Change, we follow a mission statement that seeks to enrich the economic, social and spiritual lives of those dealing with poverty related issues in our community.

Our Mission

Strength to Love farm is a community based urban farm that provides hands-on agricultural training and job opportunities for citizens returning from incarceration while also addressing our community’s food desert issue. S2L2 Farm is a visible symbol of transformation in our community. We have successfully transformed vacant land into an operational farm, growing organic produce for local consumption. We use environmentally sustainable methods to grow our high quality produce. We offer fresh, nutritious, great tasting produce at competitive prices to diverse retail, restaurant, institutional, and individual customers.

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